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No matter what you data communications needs, Ewave has a RF Modem for you!

All Ewave RF Modems provide a dedicated, full-duplex modem-to-modem data link. The modems are FCC-approved and connect via standard serial protocols, so you can concentrate on your application.

Specific Models

The SuperSCREAMER -- Ewave's flagship RF Modem -- gives you maximum configurability, maximum protocol support and maximum performance! This modem includes all Ewave protocol modules, and like all Ewave RF Modems it may be re-configured on-the-fly or the configuration can be set in EEPROM and forgotten. Whether you want the minimum latency and maximum throughput of our FAST protocol mode, the transparent worry-free reliability of a CRC protected, data acknowledged link, or all of the above, the SuperSCREAMER does it all.

The BaseWAVE RF Modem is ideal for cost-sensitive customers. Like all Ewave RF Modems, it features the same high-performance Dual-DSP core of the SuperSCREAMER with only basic configurability and protocol support programmed at the factory. When you know exactly what protocol features you need and are ready to cost-optimize your application, this is the modem for you!

With the STAMPER RF Modem Ewave redefines PBASIC development convenience! The STAMPER is built on top of our BaseWAVE RF Modem, so it works as a regular RF Modem, but includes special protocols to allow transparent wireless programming and debugging of the Parallax PBASIC "Basic Stamp" microcontroller, an industry first! Just drop a STAMPER in place of your RS232 cable and in seconds you'll be stamping out PBASIC bugs over our wireless link! Works with the currently released Parallax Windows development software.

The SCREAMER422 is another specialty RF Modem designed as an integral part of Innovation First's Robot Competition System. This modem features an RS422 data interface and the RM2000 robot telemetry protocol optimized for low-latency fixed-length datagrams. The SCREAMER422, like all Ewave modems, are built to withstand the rigors of the competitive robot environment and still deliver the consistent performance you need!

Product Feature Comparison

Model Interface Protocols CRC? Ack? RS232 Handshake Data Throughput (max.)
SuperSCREAMER RS-232 ALL* Yes* Yes* Yes* 9600 bps
STAMPER RS-232 PBASIC Yes Yes Yes 9600 bps
SCREAMER422 RS-422 RM2000 No No No 9600 bps
BaseWAVE RS-232 FAST No No No 9600 bps

(*) Feature may be enabled/disabled by user via command to RF Modem.


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