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Ewave's SCREAMER422™ RF Modem is designed specifically for use with the Innovation First Robot Controller used in the US First Robotics Competition and, unlike all other Ewave RF Modems, the SCREAMER422 features a RS422 interface.

Ordering Information

Acrobat PDF fileEwave RF Modem Technical Manual (226K)

Features & Benefits
  • Protocols Supported:
  • Standard Features of the Ewave RF Modem family, which are:

    Common to All Modem Models:

    • Ewave's RF10K DualDSP modem core
    • FCC certified; no user license required.
    • Full duplex, allowing simultaneous transmission and reception of data.
    • Transparent, simple operation: Looks like a serial cable to your application.
    • Dynamic packetization of data, providing low latency while maintaining high throughput.
    • Commands may be sent on-the-fly (e.g., Transmit Power On/Off, Channel) or modem may be configured once and "locked" in the Data state for maximum transparency to your application.
    • Integrated antenna.
    • Operation from regulated 5V or unregulated ~7.2-10VDC (in which case the modem can supply 5V to another device); 3.3V also available.
    • Non-volatile (EEPROM) storage of user parameters (e.g., Channel, Baud Rate).
    • Status LEDs indicating Transmit and Receive Activity, Transmitter Power On/Off and Command/Data Mode.
    • 9600 bps sustained data throughput (higher data rate available if transparent CRC generation and checking is disabled).

    Optional (Varies by Modem Model):

    • 1, 5 or 40 user-selectable channels.
    • Programmable baud rates, up to 38.4K.
    • Transparent protection from errors and interference via 16-bit CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Code).
    • Packetization configurable via software parameters: Maximum Packet-Size Threshold and Next-Byte Wait Time.
    • High data reliability via transparent, automatic Retry/Acknowledge.
    • Support for RS232 "Break" conditions and RTS/CTS control signals.

Voltage (VDC) 5.0 regulated or 7.2-10 unreg.
Current (A) 140 mA, TX power ON
Current (A) 100 mA, TX power OFF
Sustained Data Rate 9600 baud or 1071 bytes/sec
Burst Data Rate 38.4 K baud
Range 300 feet typical
Frequency (MHz) 902-928

Ordering Information

This package may be ordered through the Innovation First web-site at this page:

[Jump to RS422_Radio_Modem_Pair in IFIrobotics' on-line store]

P/N Cost Photo Description To Order
SCR-PAIR $300.00 SCREAMER422 modem pair (mobile & base) Click to Order
SCR-BASE $155.00   SCREAMER422 modem (base only) Click to Order
SCR-MOBL $155.00   SCREAMER422 modem (mobile only) Click to Order
ANT-MOBL $10.00   Replacement antenna (mobile) Click to Order
ANT-BASE $10.00   Replacement antenna (base) Click to Order
PWR-9VDC $10.00 Transformer; AC Power 120V to 9VDC @ 200mA Click to Order
CAB-9M9F $7.00 Serial Cable - 6 foot DB9 male to DB9 female Click to Order
GEN-9M9M $5.00   Gender Changer DB9 male-to-male Click to Order
NUL-9M9F $10.00   Null Modem - DB9 male-to-female Click to Order
KIT-SER1 $10.00 Universal Serial Adapter kit Click to Order


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