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SuperSCREAMER™ - 900MHz Multi-Protocol RF Modem

Ewave's SuperSCREAMER™ RF Modem is our flagship modem. Firmware features allow the user to select from five different RF protocols. This is a feature-rich modem that gives the user total control over such options as hardware handshake signals (RTS/CTS), generation of Break conditions, automatic transparent retry and acknowledge protocols to insure that data gets through in noisy RF enviroments.

Ordering Information

Acrobat PDF fileEwave RF Modem Technical Manual (226K)

Features & Benefits
  • Protocols Supported:
  • Protocols are dynamically selectable at any time.
  • Default protocol may be saved in Modem's EEPROM.

  • Standard Features of the Ewave RF Modem family, which include:

    Common to All Modem Models:

    • Ewave's RF10K DualDSP modem core
    • FCC certified; no user license required.
    • Full duplex, allowing simultaneous transmission and reception of data.
    • Transparent, simple operation: Looks like a serial cable to your application.
    • Dynamic packetization of data, providing low latency while maintaining high throughput.
    • Commands may be sent on-the-fly (e.g., Transmit Power On/Off, Channel) or modem may be configured once and "locked" in the Data state for maximum transparency to your application.
    • Integrated antenna.
    • Operation from regulated 5V or unregulated ~7.2-10VDC (in which case the modem can supply 5V to another device); 3.3V also available.
    • Non-volatile (EEPROM) storage of user parameters (e.g., Channel, Baud Rate).
    • Status LEDs indicating Transmit and Receive Activity, Transmitter Power On/Off and Command/Data Mode.
    • 9600 bps sustained data throughput (higher data rate available if transparent CRC generation and checking is disabled).

    Optional (Varies by Modem Model):

    • 1, 5 or 40 user-selectable channels.
    • Programmable baud rates, up to 38.4K.
    • Transparent protection from errors and interference via 16-bit CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Code).
    • Packetization configurable via software parameters: Maximum Packet-Size Threshold and Next-Byte Wait Time.
    • High data reliability via transparent, automatic Retry/Acknowledge.
    • Support for RS232 "Break" conditions and RTS/CTS control signals.

Voltage (VDC) 5.0 regulated or 7.2-10 unreg.
Current (A) 140 mA, TX power ON
Current (A) 100 mA, TX power OFF
Sustained Data Rate 9600 baud or 1071 bytes/sec
Burst Data Rate 38.4 K baud
Range 300 feet typical
Frequency (MHz) 902-928

Ordering Information

P/N Cost Photo Description To Order
SUP-PRO $380.00 SuperSCREAMER Developers Package Click to Order
SUP-PAIR $370.00 SuperSCREAMER modem pair (mobile & base) Click to Order
SUP-BASE $190.00   SuperSCREAMER modem (base only) Click to Order
SUP-MOBL $190.00   SuperSCREAMER modem (mobile only) Click to Order
ANT-MOBL $10.00   Replacement antenna (mobile) Click to Order
ANT-BASE $10.00   Replacement antenna (base) Click to Order
PWR-9VDC $10.00 Transformer; AC Power 120V to 9VDC @ 200mA Click to Order
CAB-9M9F $7.00 Serial Cable - 6 foot DB9 male to DB9 female Click to Order
GEN-9M9M $5.00   Gender Changer DB9 male-to-male Click to Order
NUL-9M9F $10.00   Null Modem - DB9 male-to-female Click to Order
KIT-SER1 $10.00 Universal Serial Adapter kit Click to Order


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