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A "protocol" is a set of behaviors and rules built into a device to achieve a specific purpose.

Ewave's RF Modems are available with several pre-programmed protocols which determine how the Modem transmits your application's data "over-the-air". Whether you need to optimize performance, reliability or compatibility or all of the above at once, Ewave has Modem with the protocol support you need. And in keeping with Ewave's goal of "drop-in" compatibility, this sophisticated protocol processing is transparent to your application.

Available Protocol Modules

  • Ewave's "FAST" protocol is optimized for real-time, interactive applications. It provides maximum throughput with minimum latency.

  • Ewave's "PBASIC" protocol is optimized to enable wireless debugging and programming of the Parallax Basic Stamp microcontrollers, which significantly speeds your edit-compile-debug cycle for applications in mobile, robotics, inaccessible locations or hazardous environments.

  • The "Checksum" protocol augments the normal error detecting features with a 16-bit CRC (cyclic redundancy check) to reject data packets corrupted by noise at a slight cost in maximum throughput.

  • Ewave's "Break" protocol is designed for applications using RS232 handshaking signals or serial "break" conditions. The RF Modem passes through the state of RTS/CTS and detects and emulates "break" conditions so that you can avoiding changing your application or device.

  • Originally developed for the harsh robotics competition environment, the "RM2000" protocol is optimized for real-time, ultra-low-overhead telemetry and control. Unlike the other protocols, it uses fixed-length data packets "over-the-air" and includes an elegant mechanism to recover from synchronization errors within a single packet's time.

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